Animal Kingdom : Animal Kingdom I Brief Revision (Crash Course)

Animal Kingdom I Brief Revision (Crash Course)

Explained: CHAPTER - 4 from 11th NCERT in Brief

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 20) : Mammalia

Explained: Mammals vs. others, Mammals - General features, Special features of Mammals, Specific adaptations.

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 19) : AVES

Explained: General characters, Specific adaptation, Common examples, Important points.

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 18) : Reptilia

Explained: General features of Reptiles, Unique features for Reptiles, Classification of Reptilia, Important points

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 17) : Amphibia

Explained: Amphibians , General & Specific features, Evolution, Important facts

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 16) : Bony fishes

Explained: Bony fishes, General and specific characters

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 15) : Gnathostomata

Explained: Gnathostomata, Pisces, Chondrichthyes, Shark, Fish Scales.

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 14) : Agnatha

Explained: Vertebrata, Agnatha, Cyclostomata

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 13) : Protochordata

Explained: Basic chordate features, Protochordata, urochordata, cephalochordata.

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 12) : Hemichordata

Explained: General features of hemichordate, Specific features of hemichordate, Buccal diverticulum, Protostomian gland.

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 11) : Echinodermata

Explained: General features of echinodermata, Specific features of Echinodermata, Water vascular system.

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 10) : Mollusca

Explained : Mollusca general features, Mollusca specific features, Classification of Mollusca, Comparison with other phylum.

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 9) : Arthropoda

Explained: Arthropoda - General Characters, Arthropoda - Specific features, Classification of arthropoda, Common examples.

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 8) : Annelida

Explained: General characters of Annelids, Specific characters of Annelids, Classification of Annelids, Earthworm, Leech & Bloodworms, Parapodia & Setae, Botryoidal tissue.

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 7) : Aschelminthes

Explained: Round worms, General features, specific characters, Classification, specialized sense organs, Pseudocoelom, Parasitic adaptation

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 6) : Platyhelminthes

Explained: Flatworms, General characters of Platyhelminthes, Specific characters of Platyhelminthes, Parasitic life, Classification of flatworms, Flame cells, Pseudometamerism

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 5) : Ctenophora

Explained: Ctenophora - General characteristic, Specific features of Ctenophora, Colloblast, Collenchyma, Ctene, Comb plates & Tentacles, Larva of Ctenophora, Bioluminiscence, Importance in evolution.

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 4) : Coelenterata extra stroke

Explained: Extra stroke lecture on Phylum Coelenterata for JIPMER and AIIMS. It also covers the out of NCERT questions in NEET

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 3) : Coelenterata

Explained: Cnidaria, Cnidoblast, Polyp & Medusa, Gastrovascular cavity, Manubrium, Velum, Statocyst & Metagenesis, General features of coelenterata, Important examples.

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 2) : Porifera Extra stroke

Extra Stroke Points on Porifera for AIIMS & JIPMER

Animal Kingdom (Lecture - 1) : Porifera

Explained: Phylum - Porifera, General features, Canal system in Porifera, Reproduction in Porifera, Collar cells of Porifera.

Basics of taxonomy (Lecture - 6)

Explained: Coelom, Segmentation, Cephalization, Significance of Coelom.

Basics of taxonomy (Lecture - 5)

Explained: Animal classification Basics, Body plan, Blind sac body & Tube within the tube body, Diploblastic & Triploblastic, Symmetry, Coelom.

Basics of taxonomy (Lecture - 4)

Explained: Biological classification, five kingdom, Significance of various kingdoms, Animal kingdom.

Basics of taxonomy (Lecture - 3)

Explained: Taxonomic aids, Herbarium, Botanical gardens, Museum, Zoological parks, Keys, Flora, Manuals & Monograph.

Basics of taxonomy (Lecture - 2)

Explained: A brief review of nomenclature, Three Kingdoms, Four Kingdoms & Five Kingdoms, Important points for AIIMS - JIPMER, Taxonomic Hierarchy , Ranks in taxonomy, The biological concept of species, Species to Kingdom characters.

Basics of taxonomy (Lecture - 1)

Explained: Classification & Taxonomy basic, Need of classification, Nomenclature, Classification vs. Taxonomy, Systematics, Five kingdom