Biomolecules : Biomolecules Brief Revision

Biomolecules Brief Revision

Explained: Biomolecules Brief Revision

Biomolecules Brief Revision (Crash Course)

Explained: Biomolecules Brief Revision

Biomolecules Lecture - 17 (Enzyme - 4) 11th NCERT

Explained: Variables affecting enzyme actions, Concept of Michalis Menten constant, Enzyme catalysed Rate of reaction and substrate concentration, Enzyme catalysed Rate of reaction and temperature, Effect of pH on enzyme catalysed reaction, Enzyme concentration and rate of reaction

Biomolecules (Lecture - 16 Assigned Task)

Explained: Biomolecules

Biomolecules Lecture - 16 (Enzyme - 3) 11th NCERT

Explained: Isozymes, Inducible enzymes, Repressible enzymes, Constitutive enzymes, Enzyme inhibition, Competitive inhibition, Non competitive inhibition, Feed back inhibition, Type of enzymes, Ribozymes & RNAase-P

Biomolecules Lecture - 15 (Enzyme - 2) 11th NCERT

Explained: Enzyme properties, Catalytic property, Turn over number, Active sites, Thermolabile nature, Why pH & temperature affect enzymes?, Lock & key Theory, Induced fit model

Biomolecules Lecture - 14 (Enzyme - 1) 11th NCERT

Explained: What are enzymes, Chronology on Enzymes, Enzyme features, Chemical nature of enzymes, Holo enzyme, Activator, Coenzymes

Biomolecules (Lecture - 13)

Explained: Metabolism & metabolic pathways, Living state, Steady state is non equilibrium state, Molecular meaning of life

Biomolecules (Lecture - 12)

Explained: DNA intramolecular details, Numericals on DNA

Biomolecules (Lecture - 11)

Explained: Nucleic acids, Bonding in nucleic acid, Double helical model of DNA, Properties of DNA, Molecular details of DNA, Chargaff's role

Biomolecules (Lecture - 10)

Explained: Types of proteins, Bonding in Polymers, Nucleic acids, DNA

Biomolecules (Lecture - 9)

Explained: Proteins, Protein structure, alpha helical protein, Beta linear proteins, Collagen helix, Tertiary structure of protein, Quaternary structure of protein

Biomolecules (Lecture - 8)

Explained: Food storage polysaccharides, Starch : Amylose & amylopectin, Glycogen, Structural polysaccharides, Cellulose, Chitin, Mucopolysaccharides, Inulin & GFR, Bonding in Polysaccharides

Biomolecules (Lecture - 7)

Explained: Special type of Nucleotides, cAMP, ATP, Polysaccharides

Biomolecules (Lecture - 6)

Explained: Pentose sugar, Nitrogen bases, Purine and Pyrimidines, Details of nitrogen bases, Nucleoside, Nucleotide, Bonding with in nucleotide & between nucleotides

Biomolecules (Lecture - 5)

Explained: Amino acids, Peptide bonds, Type of amino acids, Zwittor ion, Iso-electric pH

Biomolecules (Lecture - 4)

Explained: Lipids, Triglycerides, Fatty acids & types, Unsaturated vs. Saturated fatty acids, EFA (essential fatty acids), Sterols & significance, Prostaglandins

Biomolecules (Lecture - 3)

Explained: Monosaccharides & derivatives, Disaccharides & its constituents, Importance of different sugars, Structural & Bond details in sugar

Biomolecules (Lecture - 2)

Explained: Water properties, Life & water qualities, Ash analysis, Homeostasis, Molecules in cell, Carbohydrates, Bonding & life

Biomolecules (Lecture - 1)

Explained: Importance of Biological molecules, What is Biomolecules, Comparison between living & nonliving, Type of biomolecules, Important Nobel prize winners