Biotechnology : Principles and Processes : Biotechnology Lecture - 8 (Extra Stroke)

Biotechnology Lecture - 8 (Extra Stroke)

Explained: Hybrid Vectors, Shuttle vectors, Genomic library, cDNA Library, Applications of biology, Possibilities in Biotechnology, Biotechnology Concepts

Biotechnology Lecture - 7

Explained: Making cells competent to accept recombinant DNA, Upstream processing, Fermentation, Downstream processing

Biotechnology Lecture - 6

Explained: Vector - The characters it must have, Ori & Rop, Selectable Marker, Insertional inactivation, Antibiotic resistance gene & its uses, Cloning sites, Ti plasmid & Ri Plasmid, Retroviruses, Gene Cloning

Biotechnology Lecture - 5

Explained: Recombinant DNA, Gel Electrophoresis, Gene gun or Biolistics, Cloning Vectors

Biotechnology Lecture - 4

Explained: Basics of recombinant DNA technology, Discovery of Restriction enzyme, Nomenclature of restriction enzymes, Functioning of restriction enzyme, Types of restriction enzymes

Biotechnology Lecture - 3

Explained: Main enzymes of recombinant DNA technology, Why restriction enzymes present only in Bacteria?, Blunt end & Overhangs, Palindromic sequences, Different restriction enzymes, The concept behind genetic engineering, The first case of recombinant DNA technique

Biotechnology Lecture - 2

Explained: Biotechnology - Modern aspect, Genetic engineering, Bioprocess engineering, Tools of genetic engineering, Enzymes of genetic engineering

Biotechnology Lecture - 1 (Basics)

Explained: Biotechnology, Development of Biotechnology, Relationship with other science branches, Scope of Biotechnology, Area of biotechnology, Ancient biotechnology, Beginning of Genetic engineering