Body Fluids and Circulation : Body fluids & Circulation Lecture - 8

Body fluids & Circulation Lecture - 8

Explained: Double circulation, Pulmonary circulation, Systemic circulation, Control of Heart, Neural control on heart, Chemical control of heart, Heart diseases, Hypertension, Coronary artery disease, Angina pectoris, Heart failure

Body fluids & Circulation Lecture - 7

Explained: Cardiac Cycle, ECG, How our heart works?, Why ECG is an important investigation?, Behavior of heart valves

Body fluids & Circulation Lecture - 6

Explained: Human blood vessel system, Human heart, Anatomy of heart, Electrical supply in heart, Heart valves & Heart sounds

Human Physiology: Body fluids & Circulation Lecture - 5

Explained: Circulatory systems, Open circulatory system, Closed circulatory system, 2 Chambered heart, 3 Chambered heart, 4 Chambered heart, Single circulation, Double circulation, Incomplete double circulation, Blood distribution in human body

Human Physiology: Body fluids & Circulation Lecture - 4 (Lymphatic system)

Explained: Process of lymph formation, Importance of lymphatic system, Composition of Lymph, Lymphatic vessels & Lymph flow, Lymphatic disorders, Role of Lymph in body

Body fluids & Circulation Lecture - 3

Explained: Blood clotting : Why important?, Problems associated with poor clotting or excessive clotting, Hemostasis process & body responce, Blood clotting factors & cascade process, Thrombus & Embolus

Body fluids & Circulation Lecture - 2

Explained: Blood groups, Fundamentals of ABO system, Genetics of ABO system, Rh Factor, Rh Inheritance, Rh Disease / Rh incompatibility, Erythroblastosis fetalis

Body Fluids & Circulation Lecture - 1

Explained: Why is the circulatory system required?, Blood types & Chemistry, Double circulation: What does it mean?, Blood composition, Body fluids: its Distribution, Blood Plasma, Plasma proteins, Oncotic pressure, Formed elements, Erythrocytes, Granulocytes & Agranulocytes, Lymphocytes, Platelets, Functions of Blood