Breathing and Exchange of Gases : Breathing & Respiration Lecture - 6

Breathing & Respiration Lecture - 6

Explained: Regulation of Respiratory process, Chemoreceptors - Peripheral & Central, Sensor, Central control body & effectors, Rhythm centre & Pneumotaxic centre, How ventilation regulated?, Hering - brueur reflex, Why is CO2 very important for controlling centres?, Common respiratory disorders, Asthma, Emphysema, Occupational respiratory disorders

Breathing & Respiration Lecture - 5

Explained: How carbon dioxide comes into respiration?, How Carbon dioxide transported in blood?, What is chloride shift?, What is Haldane effect?, How Hb plays important role as Buffer & carrier?, Why Carbonic anhydrase is an important enzyme? Why it is present inside RBC?, Why Chloride & bicarbonate antiport takes place?

Breathing & Respiration Lecture - 4

Explained: Transport of Gases, Role of RBC & Hb, Oxygen dissociation curve, Bohr effect on oxygen dissociation, Right shift of Oxygen dissociation curve, Left shift of Oxygen dissociation curve, Important concepts & points

Breathing & Respiration Lecture - 3

Explained: Spirometry & its significance, Various lung volumes & lung capacities, Ventilation-perfusion ratio, Pulmonary ventilation, Transport of gases, Diffusion membrane during respiration, Fundamentals of gaseous exchange

Breathing & Respiration Lecture - 2

Explained: Inspiration & Expiration, Role of Pressure gradient in Respiration, How we inhale air during breathing?, How we exhale air during breathing?, Role of accessory muscles in breathing?, Why Diaphragm is very important in breathing?

Breathing & Respiration Lecture - 1

Explained: Breathing, Phases of Respiration, Upper respiratory tract, Lower Respiratory tract, Lungs anatomy, Pharynx parts & Larynx structure, Alveolar system