Digestion and Absorption : Digestion & Absorption (Lecture - 12)

Digestion & Absorption (Lecture - 12)

Explained: Disorders related to digestive system, PEM

Digestion & Absorption (Lecture - 11)

Explained: The entire process of digestion, Absorption of food

Digestion & Absorption (Lecture - 10)

Explained: Pancreas, Exocrine part of Pancreas, Endocrine part of Pancreas, Acinar cells, Islets of Langerhans, Duct of wirsung, Duct of Santorini

Digestion & Absorption (Lecture - 9)

Explained: Liver, Liver lobes, Hepatic lobules, Bile canaliculi, Portal triad, Falciform ligaments, Gall bladder & cystic duct, Bile, Bile salts & Bile pigments, Functions of liver, Histology of liver

Digestion & Absorption (Lecture - 8)

Explained: Associated digestive glands, Salivary glands, Parotid gland, Mumps, Sublingual glands, Submandibular glands, Ducts of Rivinus, Stensons duct, Wharton's duct, Salivation, Saliva in detail

Digestion & Absorption (Lecture - 7)

Explained: Colon & its parts, Colon histology, Rectum, Anal canal & Anal column, Column of Morgagni, Tinea coli & Haustrum, Functions of the large intestine, Piles, Constipation & diarrhoea

Digestion & Absorption (Lecture - 6)

Explained: Small intestine, Crypts of lieberkuhn, Peyer's patches, Coecum, Appendix, Ileocaecal valve, Appendicitis

Digestion & Absorption (Lecture - 5)

Explained: Gastric pits & Gastric glands, Compound stomach, Polygastric vs. Monogastric digestion, Small intestine, Duodenum, Jejunum, Ileum, Brunner's glands, Villi

Digestion & Absorption (Lecture - 4)

Explained: Pharynx & its parts, Glottis & Epiglottis, Esophagus, Gastro-esophageal sphincter, Stomach & its segments, Sphincters

Digestion & Absorption (Lecture - 3)

Explained: Buccopharyngeal cavity, Vestibule & oral cavity, Palate, Uvula, Tongue, Papillae & types, Taste buds, Teeth & types, Dental formula, Teeth structure

Digestion & Absorption (Lecture - 2)

Explained: Parts of the alimentary canal, General Histology of Alimentary canal, Auerbach's plexus & Meissner's plexus

Digestion & Absorption (Lecture - 1)

Explained: Why we need food? , Entropy & energy balance, Food types, Minerals & vitamins, One way & two way digestive system, Important concepts & overview