Evolution : Evolution Brief Revision (Crash Course)

Evolution Brief Revision (Crash Course)

Explained: Evolution Brief Revision

Evolution Lecture - 15 (Human Evolution)

Explained: Neanderthal, Homo sapience, Cultural evolution, Homo futurus

Evolution Lecture - 14 (Human Evolution)

Explained: Australopithecines, Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Why human brain increase in size?, Random mating to selective mating, The toolmaker & Need of weapons, Parental care

Evolution Lecture - 13

Explained: Human evolution, Primates, Prosimians, Simians, Adaptations that make us humans, Hominids, Old world monkey vs. New world monkeys, Human Evolution & Ancestors

Evolution Lecture - 12

Explained: A brief account of Evolution, Geological time scale, Evolution sequence in plants & animals, Exclusive events during evolution saga

Evolution Lecture - 11 (MCQs on Hardy Weinburg)

Explained: MCQS on Hardy Weinburg Equilibrium (All questions from Competitive exams)

Evolution Lecture - 10

Explained: Speciation & mechanism of speciation, Types of speciation, Allopatric speciation, Sympatric speciation, Peripatric speciation, Parapatric speciation, Artificial speciation

Evolution Lecture - 9

Explanation: Mechanism of Evolution, Saltation, Hugo devridge vs. Darwin, Population genetics, Hardy weinburg equilibrium, Gene frequency & Genotype frequency, Basic assumptions for Hardy weinburg equilibrium, Evolution & Gene frequency changes

Evolution Lecture - 8

Explained: Graph related to natural selection & Population growth, Stabilizing effect, Directional effect, Disruptive effect, Lamarckism, Inheritance of acquired characters, Evolution as a process?, Evolution is a result of a process?, Malthus & Charles Darwin

Evolution Lecture - 7

Explained: Biological evolution, Natural selection procedure, Fitness - How it operates?, Lederberg replica plating experiment, Genetic variations & Natural selection advantages, Darwinian theory

Evolution Lecture - 6

Explained: Adaptive radiation, Darwin's finches, Marsupial radiation, Convergent Evolution, Biological evolution, Darwinism & Natural selection

Evolution Lecture - 5

Explained: Embryological evidence for evolution, Comparative anatomy & morphology evidence, Homology & Divergent evolution, Analogy & Convergent evolution, Environmental impact, Industrial melanism, Evolution is not directive

Evolution Lecture - 4

Explained: Evidences supporting Evolution, Fossils & Type of fossils, Paleontology

Evolution Lecture - 3

Explained: Special creation vs. Evolution, Darwin's View, Natural Selection & Evolution, How nature select the best?, Malay Archipelago & Wallace, Malthus's impact on Darwin

Evolution Lecture - 2

Explained: Origin of life, Chemical Evolution, Coacervates, Guided Coacervates, Progenote, Protobiont, Formation of life & Evolution

Evolution Lecture - 1

Explained: Meaning of Evolution, Older concepts & beliefs, Formation of universe & Earth, The need for Evolution & Its way, Important basic concepts