Photosynthesis in Higher Plants : Photosynthesis Lecture - 10

Photosynthesis Lecture - 10

Explained: Blackman's law of limiting factor, What is the limiting factor?, Liebig's law of the minimum, External factors affecting photosynthesis, Internal factors affecting photosynthesis, DCMU & PAN effect

Photosynthesis Lecture - 9

Explained: Photorespiration, Bacterial photosynthesis, NCERT table

Photosynthesis Lecture - 8

Explained: Alternate photosynthetic pathways, C4 Plants, CAM plants, Why C-4 Plants are more efficient?, Temporal separation & Spacial separation, Kranz anatomy, C3 vs. C4 plants, C4 & CAM plant comparison

Photosynthesis Lecture- 7

Explained: Dark reaction, Steps of Dark reaction, RuBisCo, The insight of Dark Reaction

Photosynthesis Lecture- 6

Explained: Photophosphorylation, Chemiosmotic theory for ATP synthesis, How the proton gradient created?, PMF & Energy utilization, ATPase - F0 & F1 parts, Importance of proton gradient, How ATP generated?

Photosynthesis Lecture- 5

Explained: Pigment system & light-harvesting complexes, P 700 & P 680 reaction centers, PS I & PS II, Non-cyclic photophosphorylation, Cyclic phosphorylation, Difference between Non cyclic photophosphorylation & Cyclic photophosphorylation, Photosynthetic unit, Light reaction importance

Photosynthesis Lecture- 4

Explained: Evidence in support of light & dark reaction in photosynthesis, Temperature coefficient for Photosynthesis, Quantum requirement & Quantum Yield, Red drop phenomenon, Emerson enhancement effect, Two photo center in Light reaction, The first step in Photosynthesis - Chlorophyll excitation

Photosynthesis Lecture - 3

Explained: Absorption spectrum in Photosynthesis, Action spectrum in photosynthesis, Superimposition of the action spectrum & absorption spectrum, Engelman's experiment, Overview of Photosynthesis, Basics of light reaction & Dark reaction

Photosynthesis Lecture- 2

Explained: Historical Background, Photosynthesis Reaction, Photosynthetic pigments, Chlorophyll synthesis, PAR

Photosynthesis Lecture- 1

Explained: Photosynthesis: Importance, Basics of Photosynthesis, Chemical energy & Photosynthesis, Oxygen as a by-product