Plant Physiology : Transport in plants Revision (Crash Course)

Transport in plants Revision (Crash Course)

Explained: Transport in plants Revision

Transport in Plants Lecture - 16 (Phloem transport)

Explained: Phloem transport, Loading & unloading of sugar, Pressure flow mechanism, Role of Turgor pressure

Transport in Plants Lecture - 15 (Mineral absorption)

Explained: Why minerals are required?, Source of mineral ions for plant, Passive mineral absorption, What is Donnan equilibrium?, What is Contact exchange?, Active Mineral absorption, Mineral translocation, Mineral re-mobilization in plants

Transport in Plants lecture- 14 (Mass flow & Others)

Explained: Why en-mass flow required?, Why pressure is needed in mass flow?, Mechanism of Mass flow, Xylem & phloem in mass flow, Transpiration - Multipurpose activity, C4 plants more water efficient as compare to C3, Why C4 plants more water efficient in photosynthesis?

Transpiration - 3

Explained: Scotoactive stomata, Opening of stomata at night, Factors affecting rate of transpiration, Porometer & Potometer, Guttation, Guttation vs. Transpiration, Significance of transpiration, Anti transpirants

Transpiration - 2

Explained: Mechanism of opening of stomata, Why is the shape of guard cell important?, Theories to explain the opening of photoactive stomata, Photosynthetic theory, Permeability hypothesis, Starch - Sugar interconversion theories, Active potassium ion and hormone regulation theory

Transpiration - 1

Explained: Transpiration, Why it is a necessary evil?, Types of Transpiration, Stomata, Guard cells & subsidiary cells, Shape of Guard cells

Ascent of Sap - 2

Explained: Physical theories for Ascent of Sap, Cohesion of water & transpiration pull theory, Why is the most accepted concept?, How transpiration pull plays important role in the ascent of sap?, How water column maintained during Ascent of sap?

Ascent of Sap - 1

Explained: Meaning of Ascent of Sap, Role of Conducting tissues, Ringing experiment, Vital theories, Relay pump hypothesis, Pulsation theory, Root pressure theory

Transport in Plants - 8

Explained: Mechanism of water absorption in Plants, Passive water absorption, Active water absorption, Transpiration pull, Osmotic active absorption mechanism, Non-osmotic absorption mechanism, Factors affecting water absorption

Transport in Plants - 7

Explained: Root hair / Mature region, Forms of water, Water movement direction, Physical forces in water absorption, Role of DPD & Water potential in water flow

Transport in Plants - 6

Explained: Matric potential, Water potential - third component, Imbibition, Imbibition pressure, Three events during Imbibition, Significance of Imbibition

Transport in Plants - 5

Explained: Diffusion Pressure Deficit, DPD of a plasmolysed cell, DPD of a fully turgid cell, DPD in cell to cell water movement, Water potential, Components of Water potential, Why pure water has Zero water potential?

Transport in Plants - 4

Explained: Plant cell as an Osmotic system, Plasmolysis, De-Plasmolysis, Turgidity & flaccidity, Turgor Pressure, Wall pressure, The conditions where TP = 0 & TP = OP

Transport in Plants - 3

Explained: Tonicity & its Osmotic effect, Exosmosis & Endosmosis, Osmoscope & Osmometer, Concept of Osmotic pressure, Concept of Osmotic potential, Factors affecting Osmotic pressure, Osmotic pressure - a colligative property

Transport in Plants - 2

Explained: Facilitated diffusion, Co-transport, Uniport, Symport & antiport, Active transport, Passive transport vs. Active transport, Osmosis, Osmotic water movement

Transport in Plants - 1

Explained: Plant Physiology, Phenomenon of Permeability, Semi-permeability vs. Selective permeability, Membrane behavior, Diffusion & Laws of thermodynamics, Properties of diffusion, Factors affecting diffusion, Diffusion pressure

Mineral Nutrition Lecture- 5

Explained: Nitrogen cycle, Nitrogen fixation, Nitrification, Denitrification, Nitrogen assimilation, Symbiotic nitrogen fixation, Fate of Ammonia in Plant Body

Mineral Nutrition Lecture- 4

Explained: Mineral Toxicity, Symptoms of toxicity, Mineral absorption & transport

Mineral Nutrition Lecture- 3

Explained: Critical concentration, Deficiency symptoms, Chlorosis, Necrosis, Mobile element deficiency, Immobile element deficiency

Mineral Nutrition Lecture- 2

Explained: Role of mineral nutrients in Plant life, Importance of mineral elements in plant metabolism

Mineral nutrition Lecture - 1

Explained: Mineral nutrition, criteria of essentiality, Essential elements, Macro-nutrients, Micro - nutrients, Hydroponics, Aeroponics & Sand culture

Photosynthesis Lecture - 10

Explained: Blackman's law of limiting factor, What is the limiting factor?, Liebig's law of the minimum, External factors affecting photosynthesis, Internal factors affecting photosynthesis, DCMU & PAN effect

Photosynthesis Lecture - 9

Explained: Photorespiration, Bacterial photosynthesis, NCERT table

Photosynthesis Lecture - 8

Explained: Alternate photosynthetic pathways, C4 Plants, CAM plants, Why C-4 Plants are more efficient?, Temporal separation & Spacial separation, Kranz anatomy, C3 vs. C4 plants, C4 & CAM plant comparison

Photosynthesis Lecture- 7

Explained: Dark reaction, Steps of Dark reaction, RuBisCo, The insight of Dark Reaction

Photosynthesis Lecture- 6

Explained: Photophosphorylation, Chemiosmotic theory for ATP synthesis, How the proton gradient created?, PMF & Energy utilization, ATPase - F0 & F1 parts, Importance of proton gradient, How ATP generated?

Photosynthesis Lecture- 5

Explained: Pigment system & light-harvesting complexes, P 700 & P 680 reaction centers, PS I & PS II, Non-cyclic photophosphorylation, Cyclic phosphorylation, Difference between Non cyclic photophosphorylation & Cyclic photophosphorylation, Photosynthetic unit, Light reaction importance

Photosynthesis Lecture- 4

Explained: Evidence in support of light & dark reaction in photosynthesis, Temperature coefficient for Photosynthesis, Quantum requirement & Quantum Yield, Red drop phenomenon, Emerson enhancement effect, Two photo center in Light reaction, The first step in Photosynthesis - Chlorophyll excitation

Photosynthesis Lecture - 3

Explained: Absorption spectrum in Photosynthesis, Action spectrum in photosynthesis, Superimposition of the action spectrum & absorption spectrum, Engelman's experiment, Overview of Photosynthesis, Basics of light reaction & Dark reaction

Photosynthesis Lecture- 2

Explained: Historical Background, Photosynthesis Reaction, Photosynthetic pigments, Chlorophyll synthesis, PAR

Photosynthesis Lecture- 1

Explained: Photosynthesis: Importance, Basics of Photosynthesis, Chemical energy & Photosynthesis, Oxygen as a by-product

Respiration in Plants Revision (Crash Course)

Explained: Respiration in Plants Revision

Cellular Respiration Lecture - 5

Explained: Energy Calculations, RQ value, Amphibolic path, PPP or HMP Shun

Cellular Respiration Lecture - 4

Explained: Electron Transport System, Cytochromes, Complexes involved in ETS, ATP Synthase, ETS - Sequential path, Mobile Carrier (Cytochrome c), Role of Proton

Cellular Respiration Lecture - 3

Explained: The fate of pyruvic acid in aerobic condition, Link reaction or Gateway reaction, Importance of Acetyl CoA, Kreb's Cycle, Decarboxylation & Oxidation during TCA Cycle, Energy calculations

Cellular Respiration Lecture - 2

Explained: Glycolysis - In-depth analysis, Fermentation

Cellular Respiration Lecture- 1

Explained: Fundamentals of cellular respiration, Food & Energy dynamics, Pfeffer kostechev path, The release of energy from glucose - Basic concepts, Plant respiratory system, Dimensions od respiratory process

Plant Growth & Development Lecture - 6

Explained: Photoperiodism, Photoreception, Phytochrome, Vernalisation, Seed dormancy

Plant Growth & Development Lecture - 5

Explained: Cytokinin, Ethylene, Abscisic Acid

Plant Growth & Development Lecture - 4

Explained: Measurement of Plant Growth, Discovery of GA, The physiological role of Gibberellins

Plant Growth & Development Lecture - 3

Explained: PGRs, Discovery of Phytohormones, Auxin Discovery, Auxin Physiological role

Plant Growth & Development Lecture - 2

Explained: Conditions for growth, Growth - Effect of intrinsic factor, Differentiation, De-Differentiation, Re-Differentiation, Plant Growth Regulators, Growth promotors & Growth Inhibitors

Plant Growth & Development Lecture - 1

Explained: Plant Growth - Real meaning, Growth properties, Growth points, Growth measurement, Arithmetic growth, Geometric growth, Absolute growth rate & Relative growth rate