Ray Optics and Optical Instruments : Ray optics and optical instruments- Lecture 3

Ray Optics Brief Revision (Crash Course)

Explained: Ray Optics Brief Revision

Ray Optics Lecture - 16

Explained: Defect of images, Human Eye, Defects of Vision, Simple microscope, Compound microscope, Telescope

Ray Optics Lecture - 15

Explained: Total magnification by two lenses, Silvering of lenses and examples

Ray Optics Lecture - 14

Explained: Deviation by a lens, Combination of lenses, The focal length of the convex lens

Ray Optics Lecture - 13

Explained: Lens maker formula, Magnification, Speed of images

Ray Optics Lecture - 12

Explained: Introduction of lenses, Study of focus, Image formation by lenses

Ray Optics Lecture - 11

Explained: Refraction at curved surfaces, Derivations & Concepts

Ray Optics Lecture - 10

Explained: Prism related concepts, Dispersion & Dispersive power, Angular dispersion

Ray Optics Lecture - 9

Explained: Critical angle, Examples of TIR, Scattering of light

Ray Optics Lecture - 8

Explained: Shifting in images, Lateral shift, Total internal reflection

Ray Optics Lecture - 7

Explained: Refraction of light, Apparent shift in medium

Ray Optics Lecture - 6

Explained: The velocity of images & mirrors, Combination of spherical mirrors

Ray Optics Lecture - 5

Explained: Study of Focus, Mirror formula, Magnification

Ray Optics Lecture - 4

Explained: Spherical mirrors, Sign convention, Image formation

Ray optics and optical instruments- Lecture 3

Explained: Combination of Plain Mirrors, The inclination of two plain mirrors, Rotation of mirrors

Ray Optics Lecture - 2

Explained: Field of view, Minimum length and position of the plain mirror, The speed of images in the plain mirror

OPTICS Lecture - 1

Explained: Basic concepts & Introduction to Optics