Reproduction : Extra Stroke on Reproduction in Organisms Part - B

Extra Stroke on Reproduction in Organisms Part - B

This lecture is in continuation with PART - A. Please watch this lecture after Part-A.

Extra Stroke on Reproduction in Organisms Part - A

This Lecture is on following issues: Horticultural techniques for vegetative propagation, Cutting, Grafting, Layering, Micropropagation, Gootee (Air layering) & Mount layering, Hologamy, Conjugation, Endogamy & Exogamy, Ageing vs. Senescence, Meaning of Archegoniates, Type of meiosis - Zygotic, Sporic & Gametic, Haplontic, Diplontic & Diplohaplontic lifecycle, Ovoviviparous animals, Parthenogenesis & its types

Reproduction in Organisms Lecture - 5

Explained: Events of sexual reproduction, Fertilization, post-fertilization changes, viviparous and oviparous, external fertilization and internal fertilization.

Reproduction in Organisms Lecture - 4

Explained: Events of Sexual reproduction, Pre-Fertilization events, Gamete formation, Gametic transfer.

Reproduction in Organisms Lecture - 3

Explained : Events of sexual reproduction, Types of sexual reproduction, Physiological anisogamy, Gametogenesis & Gamete transfer.

Reproduction in Organisms Lecture - 2

Explained: Vegetative Propagation, Sexual reproduction, The significance of sexual reproduction, Variations & evolution, Phases of life & Sexuality, Sexual dimorphism, Concept of sexual reproduction & Species.

Reproduction in Organisms Lecture - 1

Explained: Life Span, Continuity of Life, Reproduction, Type of reproduction, Asexual Reproduction, Vegetative propagation, Water Hyacinth.

Sexual Reproduction in Flowering plants Revision (Crash Course)

Explained: Sexual Reproduction in Flowering plants Revision

Sexual Reproduction in Plants (Lecture - 12) Part - B

Explained: Parthenocarpy, Apomixis, Significance of Seed dormancy, Seed germination, True fruit & false fruit, Seed less fruit, Hybrid vigor maintenance & Apomictic plants

Sexual Reproduction in Plants (Lecture - 12) Part - A

Explained: Embryogeny, Embryo development, Endoscopic development, Meroblastic development, Dicot embryo development, Monocot embryo development, Tigellum, Epicotyl & hypocotyl, Seed & fruit development

Sexual Reproduction in Plants (Lecture - 11)

Explained: Endosperm, Types of Endosperm, Significance of endosperm, Ruminate endosperm, Xenia & metaxenia

Sexual Reproduction in Plants (Lecture - 10)

Explained: Pre fertilization event, Entry of Pollen tube, Double fertilization, Syngamy, Triple fusion, Resultant of double fetilization, Endosperm

Sexual Reproduction in Plants (Lecture - 9)

Explained: Out breeding devises, Dichogamy, Heterostyly, Self incompatibilty, Dicliny , Pollen Pistil interactions, Emasculation & Bagging

Sexual Reproduction in Plants (Lecture - 8)

Explained: Pollination, Entomophily, Fig & Fig wasp, Salvia - lever mechanism, Yucca & Moth, Calotropis & translator apparatus, Adaptations, Special examples

Sexual Reproduction in Plants (Lecture - 7)

Explained: Pollination, Self pollination vs. Cross pollination, Geitonogamy, Wind pollination, Water pollination, Specific adaptations, Coevolution

Sexual Reproduction in Plants (Lecture - 6)

Explained: Pollination, Autogamy, Allogamy, Self pollination, Cross pollination, Geitonogamy, Xenogamy & hybridism, Cleistogamy, Homogamy, Herkogamy & self sterility, Agents of pollination

Sexual Reproduction in Plants (Lecture - 5) PART 2

Explained: Gynocium, Megasporogenesis, Ovule, Embryosac

Sexual Reproduction in Plants (Lecture - 5) PART 1

Explained: Gynocium, Ovule, Embryosac, Megasporogenesis.

Sexual Reproduction in Plants (Lecture - 4)

Explained: Androcium, Stamen, Anther & its development.

Sexual Reproduction in Plants (Lecture - 3)

Explained: Female part of flower, Placentation, Carpel parts& significance, Flower - significance.

Sexual Reproduction in Plants (Lecture - 2)

Explained: Floral parts, Aestivation, Stamen, Cohesion & adhesion in stamen, Modifications of Calyx, Anther

Sexual Reproduction in Plants (Lecture - 1)

Explained: Topic introduction, Flower morphology - Brief view, Technical terms.

Human Reproduction Brief Revision (Crash Course)

Explained: Human Reproduction Brief Revision

Human Reproduction Lecture - 10

Explained: Pregnancy, Embryonic development, Delivery of baby, Lactation

Human Reproduction Lecture - 9

Explained: Insemination, Fertilization, Acrosome reaction, Cortical reaction, Amphimixis, Implantation, Morula & Blastula

Human Reproduction Lecture - 8

Explained: The Menstrual Cycle, Ovarian cycle, Uterine cycle, Menstrual hygiene

Human Reproduction Lecture - 7

Explained: Female gametogenesis, Primordial Follicle, Follicular development, Secondary oocyte, Capacitation, Role of Spermatozoa in Oocyte development

Human Reproduction Lecture - 6

Explained: Uterus & Cervix, Internal Os & External Os, Related glands

Human Reproduction Lecture - 5

Explained: Female reproductive system, Ovary, Oviduct, Peritoneum supports, Overall process

Human Reproduction Lecture - 4

Explained: Spermatogenesis, Spermatid vs. spermatozoa, Spermiogenesis, Spermiation, Hormonal impact on Sperm formation, Sperm structure, Sperm - Acrosome & Nebenkern

Human Reproduction Lecture - 3

Explained: Seminal vesicles, Prostate gland, Bulbourethral gland, Urethra, External genitalia in male, Cavernous tissues, Most important facts

Human Reproduction Lecture - 2

Explained: Testis, Descent of testis, Testicular lobules, Seminiferous tubules, Sertoli cells, Spermatogonia, Leydig cells, Rete testis, Vasa efferentia, Epididymis, Vas deferens, Ejaculatory duct

Human Reproduction Lecture - 1

Explained: Human Reproduction, Events in human reproduction, Puberty, Human life cycle, Primary organs & Secondary organs, Secondary reproductive characteristics, Male reproductive system, Scrotum & Testes

Reproductive Health Lecture - 3

Explained: STD or VD, Infertility, Complications of STD, ART, IUI, Test tube baby, ZIFT & GIFT

Reproductive Health Lecture - 2

Explained: More concepts on Reproductive Health & Population dynamics

Reproductive Health Lecture - 1

Explained: Reproductive health, Dimensions of Reproductive health, Family Planning, Education in schools, Role of Society, RCH programmes, Obstacles & Achievements