Reproduction in Organisms : Extra Stroke on Reproduction in Organisms Part - B

Extra Stroke on Reproduction in Organisms Part - B

This lecture is in continuation with PART - A. Please watch this lecture after Part-A.

Extra Stroke on Reproduction in Organisms Part - A

This Lecture is on following issues: Horticultural techniques for vegetative propagation, Cutting, Grafting, Layering, Micropropagation, Gootee (Air layering) & Mount layering, Hologamy, Conjugation, Endogamy & Exogamy, Ageing vs. Senescence, Meaning of Archegoniates, Type of meiosis - Zygotic, Sporic & Gametic, Haplontic, Diplontic & Diplohaplontic lifecycle, Ovoviviparous animals, Parthenogenesis & its types

Reproduction in Organisms Lecture - 5

Explained: Events of sexual reproduction, Fertilization, post-fertilization changes, viviparous and oviparous, external fertilization and internal fertilization.

Reproduction in Organisms Lecture - 4

Explained: Events of Sexual reproduction, Pre-Fertilization events, Gamete formation, Gametic transfer.

Reproduction in Organisms Lecture - 3

Explained : Events of sexual reproduction, Types of sexual reproduction, Physiological anisogamy, Gametogenesis & Gamete transfer.

Reproduction in Organisms Lecture - 2

Explained: Vegetative Propagation, Sexual reproduction, The significance of sexual reproduction, Variations & evolution, Phases of life & Sexuality, Sexual dimorphism, Concept of sexual reproduction & Species.

Reproduction in Organisms Lecture - 1

Explained: Life Span, Continuity of Life, Reproduction, Type of reproduction, Asexual Reproduction, Vegetative propagation, Water Hyacinth.