Doubts Platform Help?

Doubts Platform Help?

1. Go to Menu ​(​≡​)​ and click on Doubts. Only Subscribed users can ask Doubts to our faculties.
2. Click on the ‘Ask Doubt’ button, alternatively you can ask a doubt question in DPS or Test Review Papers.
3. Select the subject of your Doubt, enter your Doubt, add an image (if required) of the doubt that you have, and click on submit. You will get a popup message saying that your doubt has been successfully submitted.
4. Doubts must be strictly from the syllabus being taught on Biomentors. Medical doubts are declined by the faculties. If your doubt is declined for any reason, you will receive an Email regarding the same on your registered Email ID.
5. Doubts can take up to 48 Hours to be replied by the faculty.

1. Go to Menu ​(​≡​)​ click on Doubts. All your asked doubts will be visible here.

2. If your doubt has been answered, it will have a tag as ‘Answered’, if it has not yet been replied to, it will have a tag as ‘Asked’ and declined or doubts that have not been replied even after 48 hours will have a tag as ‘Refunded’.

3. Answered doubts can be viewed by clicking on them, every answered doubt can have either text replies or image solutions or audio recording.

4. Doubt Audio Answers work on all browsers except Safari. Use Google Chrome for best results.

5. Refunded doubts can be ‘Re-Asked’, by opening the doubt and clicking on the ‘Re-Ask’ button.


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