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Diksha Verma

Sir aap mere God h . sir app jesa agar ban jae to neet Kya koi bhi commotion ham Nikal sakte hai...sir u r best..sir I respect for you . .sir aap mere Dil m h ..


Biomentors is the biggest institute of India biomentors commoner is doing honestly work biomentors is success mantra for NEET AND AIIMS

Sunil Kumar Yadav

BIOMENTORS is the best platform to prepare for NEET/AIIMS , & Jipmer . This is the Very helpful to students who want to be a good doctor .

Sumedha sinha

Sir you are great & perfect teacher thanks for supporting

Ajeet singh

Dr.geetendar sir. world ke best teacher.

Sonu kumar

Remarkable platform for all students..

Srijit Naskar

"Kabhi kabhi jee jalane we jindagi roshan ho jati hai"- It's more powerful than any other words in the world.

sunilkumar verma

india's biggest family is the BIOMNTORS FAMILY.

Anuragini kumari

Thanks sir I have learnt a lot of things through your website and not only that i have also felt the change in my study , in my performance and my problems are also solved . Your website is very good and positive


Biomentor online test is very g ood for overcome the Neet

Alakh Abhishek

Biomentors is India's best platform for medical aspirants. Really We are very lucky students who have a teacher like you. Thanks sir you are doing great.


Dr.Geetendera sir is one who change my life

Atul Rajput

Geetendra sir is such magician person that generates a strong enthusiasm for doctor career in my soul. By the way my ultimate dream in my life is to become a Astrobiologist but after meet Geetendra sir my ultimate goal is becoming more clear.so thank-you. - for this type of magician working my life . Once again thanks sir

Varsha Kumari

Biomentor is India's best platform for medical aspirants and every student have this opportunity to learn here.

Sarthak Lad

An excellent platform to crack the NEET and other medical exams. Very amazing and excellent teachers which have experience.

Krishna prajapati

Sir you are the best teacher sir mera spna doctor bnna he my family is very poor but sir aapne hme ak nya rasta dikhaya he aap mere liye bhagvan se km nhi ho me is preparation ke liye apna 100%dungi thank you so much sir

Md Saquib

I think Dr geetendra sir greatest teacher for biology in india

Saurabh kumar jha

Thanks sir you are doing great job one day biomentors spread all over india thanks once again sir

Sahar Mulla

I've been a "Biomentorian" since 1st June and I truly appreciate the amount of dedication and hard work put into this venture.____ I'm a NEET aspirant, residing in Saudi Arabia. Here, it is very difficult to find any one-to-one coaching and everyone opts for online-coaching. Somehow, online coaching classes were never meant for me. Studying with you is like, a personal teacher training me. I've also subscribed to the website and the online tests have always motivated me to do better than before. _____I must say, you've not let any stones unturned. Thank You so much Geetendra sir and the entire Biomentors team. Whenever anyone tells me they are coaching from a so-called "prestigious" (wouldn't name any ;P), I reply back telling, "I'm a proud Biomentorian! " I hope, sometime in future(after my NEET), I can contribute in some way to this organization :)

Priyanshu Maurya

According to me, Dr.geetendra Singh is a god......he is not a common man he is purely a god. I have ever seen in my life...... people often say that parents are our god but it is the responsibility of parents to take care but dr. Geetendra Singh is above than that....his pic is on my wallpaper and I am completely addicted to Geetendra Sir videos....best teacher ever seen in my life

dr aadi

“I think you have a great teaching style in which you used stuff from different sources and combine [them] into a simplified version which will help us in easier ‘digestion’ of the knowledge. You are a friendly and understanding GURU, which would help us communicate with you better. And last for not least, “He inspires his students to work harder. He guides us steadily and corrects our mistakes frankly. He believes in upholding fairness and thus he allows each student to voice out ideas confidently.”


Sir you are the best teacher ever you made biology so interesting I am doing self-study so your lectures are very helpful for me


Thank you so much sir for motivating us and nurturing us through you tube you are far away from me but always I feel that you are always with me and thanks for such good lectures ☺ and sir you said the truth there is no need to join coaching if any one want to become Dr he/she can also crack it by self study☺ last but not least I want to say you that sir always keep supporting and motivating many students like me☺

Sudipta Hazarika

Biomentors online is just that beam of hope which will for sure lead to the success of all the deserving medical aspirants


Great job sir. Thankyou .


Sir you are best teacher in the world and thanks for your support


Thank you all Biomentors team nd teacher... supporting nd helping us student...

Priya Bhardwaj

Sir aap mere ideal ho or mai aapke jaisa hi banana chahti hu, aapka nature, pdhna or sbse acchi baat ki hum sbko apni family ka smjhna bhot accha lgta h, bs mai neet me select hoke aapse or mam se milna chahti hu and thank u very much sir...


Sir really I have no word for u U are my ideal.......... Bst teacher in the world......

Divya Dileep

He's our friend, philosopher, guide, teacher, and to say he is everything.. He is the nest, the place where we can rest... We see him evey time, his face is full of SMILE. He's the most wanted for us, whose blessings we need in every single step we move ahead. He is the ONE, Whose place can take NONE... He is one Unique Precious Piece, that GOD gifted us.. He is NONE other than Our Geetendra Sir, Our Geetendra Sir, Our Geetendra Sir....

Commando Durgesh Mishra

Best teacher in the world I feel very proud to find out you in YouTube thankuu sir for your support, you come in my life like a god

Mahesh Bhalerao

Thank sir ... apne ak naya rasta dekar uspe chalna hi nahi balki khusise bhagana sikhaya hai . Jisase ham sab apni sapno ko pura kar sakte hai.

Vishal Gupta

Sir ur best m best in world ur motivation with teaching give fuel for working in our dream process

deepak medico

Sir aaj tak maine aise teacher to nhi dekha ...such me sir ..apka koi jabb...nhi sir..such me aap...hm sab k liye bhagwan ban kr aaye h aap

Sanskruti Karhale

This is best classes in world

Jaya Bhattacharya

It is a wonderful platform for all NEET & AIIMS aspirants to make the concept so easy by our dear Dr.Geetendra Sir...he is the pioneer of us...Thank you sir...it is my problem that I can not give all the tests bcz I have to cope with the board xm...but NEET AIIMS deserve the most priority to me..so I watch the lectures & practice mcqs myself

aditya yadav

sir charan esparsh me ek garib privar se hu our me neet ko creak karna chahto hu app ka asirbad sub student ke uper bana rahe thank you sir

Pratima sagar

Thanks from bottom of heart for giving such standard education.really..you are great sir...

Suraj Panda

sir app mere jiban mei god se bhe upar hai..mai agar kabhi app ke blessing se doctor ho sakhe to mei mere pure jiban marijo ke ellaj karne ke samay appke photo mere saathe rakhungi..you are the real hero of my life.....


Usually i do all my bio chapters through this medium only bcz biomentors classes is really a straight path to crack neet..A big thanks to Dr.Geetendra Sir and to God who has thrown this great idea into sir's mind..My all doubts and concepts are clear till sit has taught.. Sir u are really doing great and bcz of you i am doing great and now i can say that i am satisfied from my results..

Jyoti Shukla

According to me this platform is like a living cell of our life and GEETENDRA SIR is PROTOPLASM and his team is like the Cell membrane.so love u all and thankuuuuuu so much for All these efforts. THANKUUUUUU SIRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

deepak rathor

Sir u are very amazing thanks again and again...Sir u are a unique teachers


I found it is one of the best competitive platform in India .

Jeetesh Patel

Sir aap great ho aap smjh jate ho ke students ko kis kis term me confusion aayega aur aap wo term ko bhut acche se clear krte ho......hme vishwas hi aap hmara sath ni chodenge.............I love you sir.


Sir..thank you a lot...hope one day will come when your commandos wins for you..jitna honestly aap padhate ho utna hi honest hum bhi rahenge thanks for your kind support and you are the best teacher i ever seen before.. so thanks u ...sir to be here with us

vibha maurya

We are very lucky students in the the world who are teaching by biology sir and chemistry sir that because they are bestest guru in the world . biology sir aap jitna acha pdate ho usse b jyada acha ap Dante ho qnki aap exact time pe Dante ho utni due se b .we love u both of u sir ur orders are obeyed by ur commando bcoz we r in mission .thanku sir

Nidhi Sharma

Sir you are too good. I'm proud of you sir

Pradeep verma

First of all, i am very thankfull to you,  कि आपने मुझ पत्थर जैसे इंसान को एक उम्मीद दी कि में जरूर कर सकता हूँ और मुझको यकीं है कि में कर दिखाऊंगा Thank you Sir

Manoj Joshi

biomentors.online ek living plateform hai jo har ek us student ko support karta ha jo branded cooaching ke aabhav me doctor nahe bn sakte ha thanks for our respeted mr geetendra sir hamara sir sahi maine ma ek doctor ha jo unhone proof kr dekhaya ha sir sahi me 360/360

tanveer hasan

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE THE WORD ITSELF SAYS I M POSSIBLE. Wakai biomentorsclasses.online ek aisa study platform hai jo na kewal students ko foulaad bana rahi hai balki useke udne ke liye pankh taiyaar kar rahi . I specially thanks to sir for creating the best study platform. Besak agli baar biomentor ka hi toppr hoga yaar.....

Manoj raut

सर, अभी सिर्फ़ इतना ही बोलना चाहूँगा, SIR... YOU ARE VERY GREAT AND SPECIAL THANKS.....

Zoya Anjum

Thank you so much, sir. It makes me restore faith in humanity that selfless people like you still exist. It is so good to have someone like you stand by us, teach us, inspire us and make us fighters. You are a great inspiration. You gave us direction, knowledge, support and encouragement and I am so grateful for that. You made us warriors when we had already decided to give up. It makes me want to work harder and give my best. Thanks a lot to the best doctor and teacher in the world! :D

Nasreen Begum

My respected great sir .. I have no word ........and I think how to explain my pleasure that I found a great mentor ...i was never thought that I found an angel who will support very much I get a golden chanceAIIMS.for crack neet and aiiims exam under your support sir.......so I will never miss this golden chance .....and i m very thankful to u sir......

Biswajit Sahoo

Thank U Sir so much for this Creation (Biomentorsonline.online). I wants this type of platform, So now I have confidence.........

Santosh Bedwal

Sir Mera paas word nahi ki aapko kaise thanks kahu main bas itna kehna chahata hoo ki u are the genius only superb teacher mind-blowing aur aapke motivational statement mujhe kafi motivate karte hai jaise kabi kabi ji jalane se jindagi roshan ho jati hai etc. You are like god for me I don't have word thank you so much, sir

Anjana Nayak

Sir, 1st I want to give you many many thanks that you have created this type of platform for study.This year I think left it but I feel very bad.In that time I can see this online classes & I can decided to take 1 change & start for preparing. But when I Can see it's too late.Then I promise myself I can.You are like God for me. Thank you very much sir.

Debodutta Bhattacharjee

Thank you sir for sharing the priceless gift of your talent, time and the treasure of your knowledge! AGLA TOPPER BIOMENTORS SE HOGA

sarita kumari Arya

thank you sir.....so much, I have no words for you...


My Dr. GEETENDRA SINGH sir is the best person or is the best teacher EVER BORN ON THIS PLANET He is a very talented and very great person in the world and I am very grateful to him. He is a responsible person and he is very good person और सर जो काम कर रहे हैं वो काम शायद ही कोई कर सकता है सर हम सभी लोगों को फ्री में बायोलॉजी की क्लासेज दे रहे हैं और वो भी एकदम बेस्ट तरीके से की बायोलॉजी में हर चीज समझ में आ जाती है और सर हम सब के लिए किसी भगवान् से कम नहीं है And again a lots of thanks to GEETENDRA sir 

Anju kumari

Sir sbse pahle mai appko dil se prnam krti hu agar app nhi hote to pta nhi mai kaise or kya krti aapne mera sapna tutne se bcha liya mai kaise explain kru samjh nhi aaraha h thank u sir so much , you are great sir .