Topics & Videos Help?

Topics & Videos Help?

1. Go to Menu (≡) click on Courses and you will find the option of Topics there.

2. You will see four subjects Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Others

3. Click on the Subject of which you want to study a Chapter.

4. Click on the chapter you want to see the videos, Daily Practice Sheet (DPS) and performance enhancement sheet of. You can click on any of the content to open it.

5. Next to the chapter’s name, the standard (11th or 12th) a chapter belongs to is mentioned, so that the students can differentiate easily.

6. Next to the chapter’s standard, the chapter status is mentioned. Completed means the chapter is already over, In progress means the chapter is going on and on hold means in the chapter is kept on hold and will be taught later in this session and upcoming means the chapter will be taught soon.

7. In the ‘Others’ section you have the video related to test or gk or motivational videos and preparation strategies videos.

8. Prime Users can see a progress bar below every topic. More details about how to use the Progress bar can be seen in the Prime FAQs section under Course Analytics.

1. Go to Menu (≡) click on Training Course and you will find Content divided in Days.

2. Choose the Day for which you want to study and browse through the content for each day

1. Go to Menu click on courses and you will find the option of Video there
2. When you click on a Video Menu you will see subjects-wise (Biology Physics and chemistry)video list.
3. Click on the lecture you want to see the videos you will be redirected to a single video page.
4. You can watch a Lecture video and see all the details (content) of the video on the same page
5. When you see a video you can bookmark the video by clicking on the bookmark button just below the video for your future reference.
6. In some videos you can also see a green color ‘Solve DPS’ button, you can click on that button to solve a DPS related to that video Lecture.
7. On scrolling more, you’ll also be able to see a list of related Video Lectures from the same chapter.
8. Prime Users can see a blue 'Mark as Viewed' button, which they can use to mark the Video as viewed in their Course Progress.
9. Marking a video as viewed will increase the percentage of Chapter Completion in the topic page.
10. Additionally App users can see a Download button to allow the App to Download the video to their device.

1. When you search for a particular text in the search bar all the videos and Dps related to that text will be shown to you.

2. You can search for topic names, Lecture names, DPS nos. Or download names.

3. Try to search using single words or numbers, with no spelling mistakes. For Eg: inheritance, morphology, newton, tests, 20, 45, etc.

  1. Find the video that you want to download, either through Search or Topics Menu or Recent Videos Menu
  2. Click on the Download button at the Top right corner and a Popup will ask you for Quality, select the quality in which you want to download the Video
  3. Once the Download starts, clicking on the 'X' button in the Loader will stop the download, the progress is visible in the Loader Progress Circle.
  4. Once downloaded, you will find the Video in the My Downloaded Videos section under the Profile Menu, this section is available offline. So if you do not have internet connectivity, you can turn off your WiFi / Mobile Data and use the Page.
  5. You can delete a video from this page, if you have watched it. The videos are stored in the internal storage and cannot be accessed externally.
  6. Downloaded Videos can be played only through the Device's players. You can download MX Player / VLC player from the Android Playstore to view the videos.
  7. Video Download speed depend upon your internet connection, so for slow downloads, kindly be patient, or change your internet connection.

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